Bedarra Corp is a private software technology investment and research company owned by successful entrepreneur Dave Thomas. Dave has successfully researched, incubated, and commercialized numerous software technologies including object-oriented programming, agile and accelerated software development, applied functional programming, pervasive computing, collaborative data analytics and open-source software.

Today Bedarra provides virtual technical leadership services, in some cases coupled with angel investment, to explore promising next-generation computing and communication technologies. We believe there is a need for truly novel and innovative industrial R&D, which falls outside of the mainstream. Bedarra is keen to collaborate on unconventional solutions for emerging business problems. We have a strong track record in taking early-stage research to commercial products.

We are fortunate to collaborate with a global network of technology experts that provide inspiration as well as a demanding crucible for new ideas. This provides our partners and clients with unique perspectives on technology, practices, and organizations. Our global virtual team includes individuals who have extensive experience in the following disciplines: accelerated lean and agile development, functional programming, object-oriented technology, pervasive computing, data-driven business, software architectures and platforms, interactive visualization, visual languages, and interfaces, technology transfer and management. Project 42D is our very modest ongoing internal research project to improve the productivity of software development.


Leaders looking for technology experts, advisors, or collaborators
Students interested in part-time research or internships employment
Very early-stage founders looking for angel investment and advisors